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Two Outstanding Authors

Portrait photograph of author Janice Galloway

This Is Not About Me
by Janice Galloway

One of Scotland’s greatest contemporary writers brings to life, in luminous prose, her Ayrshire childhood in the fifties and sixties.

When her mother left her alcoholic father and set up home in a tiny attic room above a doctor’s surgery, Galloway quickly learned how to keep quiet and stay out of the way. Her mother hadn’t expected or wanted another child and Galloway wasn’t allowed to forget that she was a burden. Her much older sister Cora, with her steady stream of boyfriends, her showy fashions and erratic temperament, never failed to remind her of her insignificance.

In these cramped conditions, ignored by her elders, Galloway is a silent observer, carefully and keenly watching the people around her. As her rage grows, she begins to think for herself. Slowly, unexpectedly, she finds her voice. Out of the silent child emerges the girl who will be a writer.

The author
Janice Galloway’s previous books include the novels The Trick is to Keep Breathing, which won the 1990 MIND Book of the Year Award, Foreign Parts, which won the 1994 McVitie’s Prize and Clara which won the 2004 Saltire Book of the Year Award. She is also the author of two collections of short stories. Janice Galloway lives and works in Glasgow, Scotland.

Portrait photograph of author Edward Docx

Into Danger
by Kate Adie

Ever since her days as a reporter on the front line in Iraq, Kate Adie has earned her reputation as one of the most intrepid women of her day. Throughout her career she has regularly reported from the world’s most dangerous war zones – often placing her own life at serious risk.

It has given her a curiosity about the people who are attracted to danger. Why, when so many are fearful of anything beyond their daily routine, are others drawn towards situations, or professions, which put them in regular peril of their lives?

It has proved a fascinating quest that has taken her to the four corners of the globe in pursuit of an answer, introducing her to amazingly courageous individuals on the way: landmine exploders, a man who has been bitten countless times by poisonous snakes to find venom for vaccines and a political activist whose determination to speak out in Kenya nearly cost him his life. She has also met criminals, prostitutes and stuntpeople, as well as Suddam Hussein’s food taster!

With Kate’s insight, wit and gift for storytelling, this is a compelling read.

The Author
Kate Adie is winner of the Royal Television Society’s coveted ‘Reporter of the Year’ award. She presentes the BBC’s From Our Own Correspondent programme. She was awarded the OBE in 1993 and is author of three bestselling books.

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