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Two Outstanding Authors

Portrait photograph of author Jo Tatchell

A DIAMOND IN THE DESERT: Behind the Scenes in the World's Richest City
by Jo Tatchell

Jo Tatchell's family arrived in Abu Dhabi in 1974 when there were only 3,000 inhabitants living in a land of desert, nomadic tribes, falcons and gazelles. Now it is the world's richest city, glittering with glass and steel and if the extraordinarily ambitious plans for the capital of the United Arab Emirates succeed, its future impact will be global.

In this evocative portrait, Tatchell depicts Abu Dhabi through the eyes of a wide range of people - from sheikhs to Indian immigrants, housewives to expats. Tales of warm hospitality are in sharp contrast to hair-raising decadence and police cover-ups, as she reveals a society almost derailed by sudden, extreme wealth. And yet, as she discovered, Abu Dhabi is changing. Its rulers have a Utopian vision that, at a time of continuing conflict between Islam and the West, could transform the world.

Jo's first book, Nabeel's Song was short-listed for the Costa Award and was subject to much praise:

'A moving personal tale of family life and love torn apart by persecution and destruction under a crude regime. The story shines through, engrossing in its horror, doubly powerful for the knowledge that a happy ending is still far away.'
Financial Times

Author photo © Cliff Jones

Portrait photograph of author Deirdre Bounds

by Deirdre Bounds

Fulfilment. It's the holy grail of modern life, but few of us can say we have it.

Maybe your life seems flat and lacking direction and purpose. Perhaps your hopes seem to be slipping further from you and you don't know how to ever make them reality. Perhaps you're feeling a little depressed and low on self-esteem and it's difficult to see a way forward. Or maybe you're finding your lifestyle too tiring, stressful, routine or uninspiring and you know you need to find a better, more fulfilling way of life.

Through seven practical steps Bounds offers a brand-new code for living and a revolutionary blueprint for change that is more powerful, more complete and more rewarding than anything found in any other book.

The author

From a tough childhood, Deirdre Bounds climbed her way from rock bottom, started a business with no experience and became a self-made multimillionaire.

Deirdre attributes her success to the Fulfilled, which has allowed her to create the happiest possible family life and lasting fulfilment in other areas too.

'Read it and you may just think it is one of the best investments you ever made in yourself'
Tim Smit. Founder of The Eden Project

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