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Two Outstanding Authors

Portrait photograph of author Victoria Hislop

The Thread
by Victoria Hislop

The Author

Victoria Hislop is a writer and journalist. Her first novel, The Island, held the number one slot in the Sunday Times paperback chart for eight consecutive weeks and went on to sell one million copies. Her second novel, The Return, debuted at number one in the Sunday Times paperback chart. She was named Newcomer of the Year at the Galaxy British Book Awards 2007. Victoria lives in Kent with her husband, Ian, and their two children.

Praise for Victoria Hislop

'Executed with verve and excellent beach read'
The Telegraph

'A vivid, moving and absorbing tale.... beyond holiday literature.'

The Plot

Thessaloniki, 1917. As Dimitri Komninos is born, a fire sweeps through the thriving multicultural city, where Christians, Jews and Moslems live side by side. It is the first of many catastrophic events that will change for ever this city, as war, fear and persecution begin to divide its people. Five years later, young Katerina escapes to Greece when her home in Asia Minor is destroyed by the Turkish army. Losing her mother in the chaos, she finds herself on a boat to an unknown destination. From that day the lives of Dimitri and Katerina become entwined, with each other and with the story of the city itself.

Thessaloniki, 2007. A young Anglo-Greek hears the life story of his grandparents for the first time and realises he has a decision to make. For many decades, they have looked after the memories and treasures of people who have been forcibly driven from their beloved city. Should he become their new custodian? Should he stay or should he go?

Portrait photograph of author Naomi Wood

The Godless Boys
by Naomi Wood

The Author

Naomi Wood is 27 and lives in London. She studied at Cambridge and at the University of East Anglia for her Masters in Creative Writing. Originally from York, she has gone on to live in Hong Kong, Paris and Washington DC. When not writing, Naomi has worked part-time in lots of odd jobs, such as rolling the autocue for CNN morning news, nannying in Paris for a famous French actress, and darning the largest knitted poem the world has ever seen for The Poetry Society. The Godless Boys is her first novel. She is currently working on a second novel about Hemingway's four wives.

Praise for Naomi Wood

'The unfolding drama is narrated from several perspectives, which are deftly woven together into a gripping, well-crafted tale . . . an impressive debut'

'Wood's Island, a dank environment of anaemic despair, is compelling, though more fey than feral; the story constructed as a parable of betrayal and wonder.'

The Plot

This tender, brutal tale focuses on God, love and violence in an alternative 1986. England has been a rigid theocracy for 35 years, ever since God 'came down like a cage'. The church-burning secular movement has been quashed and all free-thinkers expelled. However on a northern island, where religion is outlawed and a godless tribe inhabit an atheist enclave, a young girl arrives from the pious mainland. Sarah hopes to solve the mystery behind her mother's disappearance but meets Nathaniel, one of the zealots who hunt down 'signs of churchliness'. As she becomes caught up with a gang of vigilante boys, Sarah's life careens out of control.

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