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Two Outstanding Authors

Portrait photograph of author Janice Galloway

All Made Up
by Janice Galloway

The Author

Janice Galloway is one of Scotland's most celebrated writers. Previous books include the award-winning The Trick is to Keep Breathing, and more recently, the critically acclaimed memoir This Is Not About Me (winner of the 2009 Scottish Book of the Year for non-fiction) among others. She has also written short stories and written and presented for radio. Janice was a great guest speaker at the Edinburgh Gliterary Lunch when she published the first part of her memoirs. We are really looking forward to hearing what happened next....

Praise for Janice Galloway

'It is staggeringly well done'

'Galloway takes her readers straight back into childhood's wincingly recognisable uncertainties, dislocations and disruptions. She had more of them than most - one of the most moving, yet completely unsentimental, accounts of growing up that you will ever read'
The Scotsman

The Plot

In this sequel to her critically-acclaimed memoir, Janice Galloway reveals how the awkward child introduced in This is Not About Me evolved through her teenage years, living with her stoical mother and tyrannical older sister, Cora. In visceral descriptions of puberty, sex and friendship, Galloway casts her unflinching eye on a small Scottish town through the stories of three generations of women.

When she entered secondary school, Galloway was still sharing a bed with her mother. Her awareness of the opposite sex was limited; she was more excited by Latin and the school orchestra than make-up or boys. Under the wing of one exceptional teacher, music was her passion. But as she struggled to make sense of the physical and emotional changes of adolescence, almost everything she thought she knew began to change. Funny, sad and defiantly unsentimental, this is the story of a girl's path to adulthood and a family's secrets revealed.

Portrait photograph of author Kamin Mohammadi

The Cypress Tree
by Kamin Mohammadi

The Author

Journalist, broadcaster and travel writer, Kamin Mohammadi was nine years old when her family fled Iran during the 1979 revolution, not returning until she was twenty-seven. She has written for many newspapers including The Times, Harpers Bazaar, Marie Claire and the Guardian. She lives between London and Italy.

Praise for Kamin Mohammadi

'The heartfelt tale of a family shaped by the tumultuous drama of twentieth century Iran, The Cypress Tree is a profoundly affecting meditation on the shattering experience of exile.'
Justin Marozzi

'Part-poetry, part-political history, part-family saga, part-thriller and part-tearjerker... A must-read.'
Country and Town House

The Plot

The Cypress Tree is Kamin's account of her journey home, to rediscover her Iranian self and to discover for the first time the story of her family: a sprawling clan that sprang from humble roots to bloom during the affluent, Biba-clad 1960s. Shaken by the ensuing horrors of the Revolution, the Iran-Iraq War and the heartbreak of exile, they emerge toughened by the struggle for democracy that continues today.

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