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Two Outstanding Authors

Portrait photograph of author Kirsty Wark

The Legacy of Elizabeth Pringle
by Kirsty Wark

The Author

Kirsty Wark is a journalist, broadcaster and writer who hosts a variety of BBC programmes including Newsnight and The Review Show as well as arts documentaries. Her home has always been Scotland and her family's connection to Arran goes back over many years. At present she is working on her second novel.

Praise for Kirsty Wark

'Completely enchanting. The story of two women's intertwined lives draws you in and holds you spellbound to the end.'
Penny Vincenzi, Author

The Plot

This is a captivating and haunting story of the richness beneath so called ordinary lives, and the secrets and threads that hold women together...

Born just before the First World War, Elizabeth Pringle has been a familiar yet solitary figure on the Scottish island of Arran. A dutiful daughter, an inspirational teacher, a gardener. But did anyone really know her? When Elizabeth dies, her will contains a surprise. She has left her home and her belongings to someone who is all but a stranger, a young mother she watched pushing a pram down the road more than thirty years ago. Now it falls to Martha, the baby in that pram, to find out how her mother inherited the house in such strange circumstances, and in doing so, perhaps leave her own past behind.

But first she has to find the answer to the question: Who was Elizabeth Pringle?

Portrait photograph of author Karen Campbell

This is Where I am
by Karen Campbell

The Author

Karen Campbell has a appeared at Gliterary Lunches as a writer and regualrly as a Chair. She is a graduate of Glasgow University's renowned Creative Masters, and author of The Twilight Time, After the Fire, Shadowplay and Proof of Life. A former police officer, and council PR, Karen won the Best new Scottish Writer Award in 2009. She lives in Galloway, Scotland.

Praise for Karen Campbell

'One of the most powerful novels I've read in a long time.'
Helen Walsh, Author

The Plot

Glasgow: A city of colour and contrast. A place where two worlds collide and are changed forever.

Tender, eye-opening and unforgettable, This is Where I Am is a novel of loss and guilt, friendship and hope, and of what we can grow from the ashes of the past.

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