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Gliterary Lunches depends on a number of people to help create memorable events.

We need publishers to tell us about the authors they are working with and their forthcoming titles.

We need event sponsors highlight in bold purple to support events, while increasing their own brand profile.

We need fabulous venues highlight in bold purple offering great tasting food and excellent service.

If you would be interested in working with Gliterary Lunches in any of these ways, we would love to hear from you.



If your business wants to target smart, Gliterary women, then sponsoring one of our events might be of interest. To find out more about the opportunities Gliterary Lunches offer to raise your brand profile and give your clients VIP entertainment, contact [email protected]

“In terms of bang for your buck, sponsoring the arts is the best way to attract influential people”  Times Newspapers Ltd



“Great format, great food, great folks. The Gliterary lunch strikes a perfect balance between schmooze, booze, and books.”  Lionel Shriver

Gliterary Lunches is always keen to hear about interesting writers and brilliant new books. If you are working with an author who might appeal to the Gliterary Lunch audience, please contact [email protected].  Make sure you are on our mailing list to receive notifications of submission deadlines.

It was a feast of fun and intellectual stimulation with 250 women who are passionate about writing and writers, food and drink, life and living. Can I come back?” Tony Parsons

“It was an absolute triumph…Everything was so beautifully organised and considered, right down to the smallest detail…. I can honestly say it was the best book event I’ve ever done.” Jill Dawson, Orange Prize nominated author

“It’s an impeccable organisation and an unbeatable opportunity for an author.” Rosie Thomas


Gliterary Lunch Franchises


Do you have:  an extensive network of professional women and of sociable friends; experience in business development, sales or of organising events; and an interest in the world of literature?

                                                                                                                     :If you can answer yes to most of these, then you might just enjoy working with Gliterary Lunches.  We are looking for franchisees to launch Gliterary Lunches in new cities and establish an ongoing event programme.

What we offer

A successful business model, a credible brand, training, guidance marketing support and fantastic authors for your event.We’ve been running successful events for over 10 years now and strive for absolute perfection.  We know what works and continue to tweak our events to make each one even better.  We have earned a reputation for organising slick lunches in lovely venues and have an enviable list of publishers and authors who want to work with us.  Our events are sell-outs with long waiting lists as people come back time and again.  If you take on a Gliterary Lunch franchise, you can benefit from our experience and reputation and soon be running a profitable business yourself.

What we need

To grow Gliterary Lunches, we need entrepreneurial, well connected local people with their finger on the pulse of the women’s business community, someone who is familiar with the best venues in town and who can tap into the professional and social networks to create a buzzing event.  If you are keen to start your own events business and this sounds interesting, we would love to speak to you.  Call Sibh on 07525 791454 for an initial discussion to find out more.