Below is a list of our book reviews.

  • The Dutch House

    Ann Patchett

    I loved this book from American writer, Ann Patchett.  It is a compelling family story stretching over decades and centering around siblings Danny and Maeve and the extravagant Dutch House.  Their  father, a self-made property magnate bought the ostentatious mansion as a surprise for his wife.  A deeply charitable woman, she is appalled and ultimately […]

  • Before We Were Yours

    Lisa Wingate

    I thought this might be a bit light but actually it was gripping, mostly because it is based on true events.   This is the story of Georgia Tann and the Tennessee Children’s Home Society.  What started as an organisation in the 1920s that rescued children from terrible circumstances became a highly profitable trade in children.  […]

  • Little Disasters

    Sarah Vaughan

    This is one of those books where you read the first two pages and then think  ‘good, I am going to enjoy this’!  The premise is that the perfect mother, Jess, brings her baby into A&E.  Her friend is the paediatrican on call and is troubled by the circumstances and struggles to resolve her professional […]

  • You Will Be Safe Here

    Damian Barr

    This vivid novel focuses on two significant periods in South Africa’s history, the Boer War and the repeal of arpartheid laws.  The first half of the book follows the story of Mrs van der Watt and her son Fred who are brutally imprisoned in Bloemfontein Camp after the British seize their farm.  As she negotiates […]