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Never Let Me Go

Kazuo Ishiguro

This book was stunning. It was a truly beautiful story about love, friendship and humanity.

The story is an eerie dystopia about students reared at Hailsham boarding school, where their lives are already set out for them for a very specific purpose. The students lack awareness and knowledge of the real world on many fronts, but specifically their ignorance of familial and parental relationships filled me with despair. That said, it’s also touching that their strongest relationships become founded on friendships and the security they find within each other.

Ishiguro masterfully writes about the fragility of life, memory and anguish. His story is beautifully written and emotionally convincing. He explores the fleeting nature of life in a heart-breaking and affecting manner, creating a semblance of hope only to crush it. Markedly, Kathy’s silent resignation to the ‘completion’ of her life and that of her loved ones incites dejection and despondency. Ishiguro effortlessly, and genuinely, makes you feel all the feels, which is one of the reasons why this novel is so impressive.

Reviewed by Sarah Doyle