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Glasgow Gliterary Lunch with Sarah Vaughan & Sofka Zinovieff

29th November 2018
12:00 pm - 3:00 pm

The Principal Grand Central, 99 Gordon Street, Glasgow G1 3SF

Sarah Vaughan & Sofka Zinovieff

Glasgow Gliterary Lunch with award-winning writers Sarah Vaughan & Sofka Zinovieff

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Anatomy of a Scandal by Sarah Vaughan

The Author

Sarah Vaughan Author & Journalist – photo by Philip Mynott

Sarah Vaughan read English at Oxford before becoming joining the Press Association and later the Guardian.  As a parliamentary correspondent and a court reporter, she has covered stories such as the Stephen Lawrence inquest, the disappearance of Sarah Payne, the Soham murders and interviewed Ian Huntley before his arrest. In 2002 she returned to the Houses of Parliament as political correspondent to cover the Iraq debate. She travelled to Istanbul with Tony Blair, interviewed Boris Johnson over affair allegations and discovered that politicians may be willing to be economical with the truth if they believe it is in their best interests. On her 40th birthday she committed to writing a novel.

Praise for Sarah Vaughan

Anatomy of a Scandal has bestseller written all over it. If there is any justice, it’ll fly to the top. It’s a fascinating insight into our justice system, and the nuances of trust, loyalty and how we re-write our actions to suit ourselves… It’s whip-smart, utterly thrilling and deeply satisfying. Veronica Henry, author of The Forever House

The Book

Sophie’s husband, James, is a loving father and a successful public figure. Yet he stands accused of a terrible crime. Sophie is convinced he is innocent and desperate to protect her precious family from the lies that threaten to engulf him. She’s kept his darkest secret ever since they were first lovers, at Oxford University. And if she stood by him then, she can do it now.

Kate is the barrister prosecuting his case. She’s certain that James is guilty and determined he should pay for his crime. No stranger to suffering herself, she doesn’t flinch from posing the questions few want to hear. About what happens between a man and a woman, when they’re alone: alone in bed, alone in an embrace, alone in a lift…

Is James the victim of an unfortunate misunderstanding or the perpetrator of something sinister?

Thought-provoking, brave, real and emotional, Anatomy of a Scandal will provoke debate amongst readers as they ask themselves: what would I do?

Putney by Sofka Zinovieff

The Author

Sofka Zinovieff studied at Cambridge, then lived in Greece and Moscow. She is the acclaimed author of three works of nonfiction, Eurydice Street: A Place in Athens, Red Princess: A Revolutionary Life and The Mad Boy, Lord Berners, My Grandmother and Me, and one previous novel, The House on Paradise Street. Her writing has appeared in publications including the Daily Telegraph, the Financial Times, the Times Literary Supplement, the Spectator and the Independent. She divides her time between Athens and England.


Praise for Sofka Zinovieff

This book is truly memorable and thought-provoking; throughout, Zinovieff sustains wonderfully perplexing and complex ambiguities.  What is love, and what is exploitation? What is truth and what is self-deception?  Can contradictions be simultaneously true?  It’s a great story and a riveting read.  I’ll remember the characters forever.  Louis de Bernières

The Book

It is the 1970s and Ralph, an up-and-coming composer, is visiting Edmund Greenslay at his riverside home in Putney to discuss a collaboration. Through the house’s colourful rooms and unruly garden flits nine-year-old Daphne – dark, teasing, slippery as mercury, more sprite than boy or girl. From the moment their worlds collide, Ralph is consumed by an obsession to make Daphne his.

But Ralph is twenty-five and Daphne is only a child, and even in the bohemian abandon of 1970s London their fast-burgeoning relationship must be kept a secret. It is not until years later that Daphne is forced to confront the truth of her own childhood –and an act of violence that has lain hidden for decades.

Putney is a compelling, thought-provoking novel about the moral lines we tread, the stories we tell ourselves and the memories that play themselves out again and again, like snatches of song.


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