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Sally Magnusson & Elizabeth Day, London Gliterary Lunch

30th May 2018
12:00 pm - 3:00 pm

The Grand Connaught Rooms, London WC2

Sally Magnusson & Elizabeth Day

A delicious combination of lunch and literature for women to entertain their clients or simply meet up with friends.

The Party by Elizabeth Day

The Author

Elizabeth Day is the author of Scissors, Paper, Stone, which won a Betty Trask Award, and Home Fires. She is an award-winning journalist who has worked for the Evening Standard, the Sunday Telegraph and the Mail on Sunday, and is now a feature writer for the Observer. She grew up in Northern Ireland, and currently lives in London.


 Praise for Elizabeth Day

‘This is a dark and compelling book of lifelong obsessions, jealousies and neuroses … I left this book wanting to read more of Day’s other work’ Guardian


The Book

Martin Gilmour is an outsider. When he wins a scholarship to Burtonbury School, he doesn’t wear the right clothes or speak with the right kind of accent. But then he meets the dazzling, wealthy Ben Fitzmaurice, and gains admission to an exclusive world.

But Martin has a secret. He knows something about Ben, something he will never tell. It is a secret that will bind the two of them together for the best part of 25 years.

At Ben’s 40th birthday party, the great and the good of British society are gathering to celebrate in a haze of champagne, drugs and glamour. Martin once again feels that disturbing pang of not-quite belonging. There is disquiet in the air. But Ben wouldn’t do anything to damage their friendship. Would he?


The Sealwoman’s Gift by Sally Magnusson

The Author

Broadcaster and journalist Sally Magnusson has written 10 books, most famously, her Sunday Times bestseller, Where Memories Go (2014) about her mother’s dementia. Half-Icelandic, half-Scottish, Sally has inherited a rich storytelling tradition.  The Sealwoman’s Gift is her first novel.

Praise for Sally Magnusson

‘Sally Magnusson has brought Icelandic history to extraordinary life.. Transported to a time long ago, I was completely enthralled by the skilful storytelling. An accomplished and intelligent novel – highly recommended’.  Yrsa Sigurdardotter, author of Why Did You Lie?


The Book

Set in Iceland and Algiers in the 17th century, The Sealwoman’s Gift re-imagines the true story of a pirate raid on one of the tiny Westman islands, in which a pastor, his wife and their children – along with half their island and many others – were abducted into slavery. Captive in an alien Arab culture, the pastor’s wife meets the unravelling of her identity and the least bearable of losses with the one thing she has brought from home: the stories in her head. Until one day she is faced with an impossible choice…


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